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Accordion Summer Festa 2005_Plan Outline
The 4th JAA International Accordion Competition is the main event of "Accordion Summer Festa 2005".
"Accordion Summer Festa 2005" is being sponsored by Japan Accordion Association (JAA), now authorized as NPO (nonprofit organization), and is open to everyone regardless of nationality and age.

Competition's Munual
The 4th JAA International Accordion Competition, organized by Japan Accordion Association ,will be held in Tokyo, Japan on 26 August to 28 August 2005.
The purpose of the competition is to popularize accordion, to improve players'levels, to promote the communication among the nations; and to give more accordion players the opportunity of appeal, and develop the accordion society.

Fri. 26 August am.10:00 to Sun. 28 August pm 5:00, 2005
Tokyo Metropolitan Edo-Tokyo Museum Hall
The acoustic musical instruments will be required.
The competition is open to accordionists of all nationalities.
Sections / Competition Schedule:
It considers only as a solo and the five following sections are set up.
Elementary school students Section / Competition Part 1 : Fri. 26 August 2005
Junior high school students Section / Competition Part 1 : Fri. 26 August 2005
Senior Section (for persons over 55 years of age) / Competition Part 1 : Fri. 26 August 2005
General Section (for persons over the years of high school students) / Competition Part 2 : Sat. 27 August 2005
Advanced Section / Competition Part 3 : Sun. 28 August 2005
Performance music / Time limit:
Elementary school students Section : Free piece program / Playing a piece within 5 minutes.
Junior high school students Section : Free piece program / Playing a piece within 5 minutes.
Senior Section : Free piece program / Playing a piece within 5 minutes.
General Section : Free piece program / Playing a piece within 5 minutes.
Advanced Section : Free piece and Set piece should be played .
Free piece program / Any number of pieces may be played if within 10 minutes time limit.
Set pieces program as follows :
A contestant can use a freebass accordion or a stradellabass accordion.
It's his / her choice.
For a freebass accordion (Both of the following two should be played) :
1) W.A. Mozart : Adagio for Glassharmonika C-major K.V. 356
2) Vagn Holmboe : Sonata for Accordion op.143a (1979) ( 1st movement Allegro)
For a stradellabass accordion:
Hans Brehme : Paganiniana [ Theme and 4 Variations ( 1. 2. 4. 7 ) ]
[The designaton of publishers for the scores]

Contestants of all sections will be subtracted the mark or even disqualified from the competition if their performing time will be over.
A strict and fair adjudication will be given based on the judging essential points, which will be issued later.
Emori Noboru : Accordionist / JAA adviser
Miki Mie : Accordionist (in the Netherlands)
Stefan Hussong : Accordionist (from Germany)
Zhang Zijiang : A president of China Accordion Association (from China)
coba : Accordion player / Producer (under negotiation)
Another about 3 people are expected .
Eminent accordion players having activities both in Japan and abroad, composers, musicians, professors of music universities and critics will be joining us as adjudicators during the competition.
The 1st prize / the 2nd prize / the 3rd prize and the prize for the player showing the most potential for each section .
One player from the winners in each section will be chosen as the best of all .
A special prize will be prepared for him / her .
Winners will receive a certificate of commendation and a trophy.
All the participants will receive a memento .
Prize money:
The comprehensive champion will be awarded a 300,000Yen cash prize .
For the winners of the advanced section ,
150,000 Yen will be awarded to the 1st prize winner ,
100,000 Yen to the 2nd prize winner and
50,000 Yen to the 3rd prize winner .
The Competition Managing Committee and the secretariat constituted of JAA directors and the persons related to JAA .
Send your completed application form (PDF:356KB) with an attached photo of you from the shoulders up and 8 scores of music to the JAA office (secretariat) by mail .
Your full name should be printed clearly on each score.
Each score should be bound carefully, and will be returned to you after the competition .
The attached photo will appear in the program .
The music you registered at the time of your application cannot be changed .
Entry Fee:
8,000 Yen for Elementary school students Section or Junior high school students Section .
10,000 Yen for Senior Section or General Section .
20,000 Yen for Advanced Section .
(Any commission or charge are not included. Please pay all commission and charge by yourself.)

Payment should be made to the specified account below at the time you send your application form .
Account number and name:
[Postal account]
Japan Accordion Association JAA Festa Fund

[Bank account]
Mizuho Bank Sasazuka Branch ordinary deposit : 2241992
Japan Accordion Association
Entries start : 1 February 2005
Entries close : 31 May 2005
(A postmark on that day will be effective.)
Japan Accordion Association
The Clerk's Office of 4th JAA International Accordion Competition

The contestants can use a dressing room and a rehearsal room before going to stage.
The time allotted will be distributed equally and you will be notified some days in advance.
The organizer has the copyright for audio and visual recording , photos , etc .
JAA is asking public organizations and companies to aid in transportation costs for participants from other countries .
Any financial aid will be announced when it is settled , but it is not guaranteed.
Help with finders lodging can be provided .
Accordion Summer Festa 2005
What's JAA
Information for Admission & Application Form

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