Update : 2/20/2005 Accordion Summer Festa 2005_Plan Outline

Summer Festa Fund

The past three accordion competitions were made possible by the fund-raising and volunteer activities of citizens who love the accordion, and the accordion competition has developed greatly as a result. The budget of the " Accordion Summer Festa 2005 " is tens of millions of yen contributed by various supports such as the Summer Festa Fund, subsidies from the government , the local government , companies , etc , profit from previous festivals (including the ticket sales), income from advertisement , and so on . Success of the Accordion Summer Festa mainly depends on the Summer Festa Fund, so we are raising as much as possible .

Summer Festa Fund - raising essential points
Donations (any amount is fine.)
*a program is presented to every donor .
Individual :
A : Amounts of 5,000 Yen
(Individuals who donate 5,000 Yen will be given a ticket for the day of he / her choice for 4th JAA International Accordion Competition )
B : Amounts of 10,000 Yen
(Individuals who donate 10,000 Yen will be given a ticket for all sections of 4th JAA International Accordion Competition )
C : Amounts of 30,000 Yen
(Individuals who donate 30,000 Yen will be given an invitation ticket for all programs of Accordion Summer Festa 2005 . )

Corporation / Group :
A : Amounts of 30,000 Yen
B : Amounts of 100,000 Yen
C : Amounts of 300,000 Yen

Application method :
[ Application Form ] : Please write the following items clearly in the space for a message.
(1) [ Summer Festa Fund ]
(2) [ Individual ] or [ Corporation] or [ Group ]
(3) What kind of amounts you are going to donate : [ A ] or [ B ] or [ C ]
(4) The sum total
(5) Other

Please transfer the application fee to the post office or the bank at the time you make your application. Keep the receipt in your safe keeping.

Transfer Information :
[Postal account] :
Japan Accordion Association JAA Festa Fund

[Bank account] :
Mizuho Bank Sasazuka Branch ordinary deposit : 2241992
Japan Accordion Association

What's JAA
Accordion Summer Festa 2005
4th JAA International Accordion Competition

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The Clerk's Office of Accordion Summer Festa
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